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An Extraordinary Year

For more than 53 years, Trinity Community Center has been more than an after-school program or a summer camp.

TCC is a resource center, a safe place, a community, a family. 

Throughout this year, your support has helped to give the children of Trinity Community Center the stability that every family needs.

More than any year before, our students need your support as they navigate these uncertain times. 

This year, Trinity Community Center: 

-Tripled our program hours with the addition of our daytime learning hub for students in virtual classes 

-Doubled the computer hub hours to ensure our neighbors have the healthcare and unemployment services they need

-Distributed over 10,000 meals to our families and neighbors struggling with job loss and school shut downs

-Held a safe, distanced summer camp to combat the “summer slide” or loss of academic progress over the summer 


We know we would not have been able to get through 2020 without our community of support and

more than ever, we need your help to continue this work.

The effects of this year will be felt for years to come and with your partnership,

Trinity Community Center will continue to navigate it alongside those we serve. 

Will you join us and continue to empower the students, family and neighbors of Trinity Community Center?

Together, we can be the family that we all need. Make your year-end gift today.

Your contribution can make an impact in many ways. A gift of:  


$20 pays for a week of art class supplies to learn a new skill and allow students to express themselves

$55 covers one student for a month of after school programming that helps students academically, socially, and spiritually

$110 ensures access to a month of daytime learning hub and after school program for a student, including tutoring, meals, and supervision

$350 opens the door to an ACT test prep course for our high school program, to ensure they have access to scholarship money

$1000 pays one month’s salary for a summer intern- the backbone of our summer camp

$3000 brings a semester of STEM education classes to develop critical thinking and needed technical skills

$10,000 completes our After School staff with a semester of intern support, offering our students college-aged mentors and leaders. 


Will you join us by continuing to empower the students, family and neighbors of Trinity Community Center? Together, we can be the family that we all need. 

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