Trinity Community Center equips students by partnering with parents. Check out the links below for activities and tools to use at home.

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We provide the youth of Hollygrove with the education and spiritual development needed to realize their highest potential

We equip the youth of Hollygrove to build their own future by cultivating their imaginations

We challenge the youth of Hollygrove to utilize their gifts to be of service to their community


In 1967, Rev. William Brown started Trinity Christian Community in response to the organized church leaving the city. At a time when race relations were at their worst, Rev. Brown recognized that opportunities for African American, at-risk youth were largely non-existent. He mobilized the church, recruiting volunteers to assist the efforts and created unique programs for our city’s youth. He began with a community center on Erato Street, called the Upper Room. It functioned as a “drop-in” center with activities for youth, a coffee house, a day camp, a training institute, a counseling office, a network for churches to respond to the needs of the poor and more. Because there were few resources for the same youth during the summers, Rev. Brown organized day camps, summer camping programs, educational and literacy programs, youth clubs, even a food bank.

We believe that each child should have access to every tool needed to allow them to reach their fullest potential. 

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Empowering the Future

TCC walks alongside the youth of Hollygrove, from kindergarten through college, offering educational support, mentorship and spiritual guidance. 


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